Anchor Charts

I live and die by anchor charts!  I am not an artist by any means but I will say that since I have been using anchor charts my students retention levels have increased.  I must confess I have gotten most (maybe all) of my anchor chart ideas from Pinterest.

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Last year I struggled with making my anchor charts not look like the kids had done them or doing them over for the next class, so this summer I decided to make them ahead and laminate.   I know this is a big no-no because all my PD’s say to do them as you teach so I did leave some parts blank to make them interactive and I can erase and fill in for each class. (I have rotations)  I did not make them all for the whole year this will be a work in progress.  So I am posting what I have done so far.

Share some of your anchor charts that you use in class.  Signup for me email to get updates of my anchor charts through the school year and freebies from my resources.


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