Helping your students dig deeper!

READING RESPONSE WITH LITERACY CHARTS  Getting my students to think critically when reading is a constant struggle, no matter what content I am teaching, getting my students to read critically is not easy.  I have taught science, social studies, math, writing and reading, and my kids hate to read, they like to skim, search andContinue reading “Helping your students dig deeper!”

Why I changed How I do my Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

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? Well everyone the struggle is real! What struggle, you say the reading struggle.  I have taught every subject in upper elementary and when a student struggles, no matter what subject, it all comes down to reading comprehension. And after working with classes full of struggling readers, yes whole…

Figurative Language Freebie!

Originally posted on Upper Elementary Antics:
Figurative language is a common theme in standardized testing in upper elementary.  Students have to determine what the author or poet is trying to convey through inferencing and interpretation. Getting students to not always think literally is a challenge and knowing the common figures of speech is a just…