Take the hassle out of keeping up with missing assignments!

Missing assignments are always a hassle to deal with as a teacher. No matter what systems you have in place it seems unavoidable. Especially when scholars are failing due to lack of work being turned in. So what do you do? First I use a grade sheet that I code to let me know whoContinue reading “Take the hassle out of keeping up with missing assignments!”

Classroom Management Series Week 3

How to teach expectations and set boundaries? Gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it. —Buck Brannaman In classroom management and life in general people work and strive better when they have set boundaries and expectations. Even me as a teacher always ask my admin. What are your expectations for me whenContinue reading “Classroom Management Series Week 3”

Classroom Management Series Week 2

Classroom management is the key to any successful school year. There are so many different techniques and strategies that can be found online, on Pinterest, or YouTube that it seems no one should have a rambunctious class, however each teacher has to do what works best for them and figure out what works with theirContinue reading “Classroom Management Series Week 2”

Classroom Management Series Week 1

If you ask any seasoned teacher about the best classroom management technique most probably all will say to start with building relationships. And I wholeheartedly agree but if you are a new teacher you probably wonder why and how to build relationships with students. First the why, although they are kids there is so muchContinue reading “Classroom Management Series Week 1”