Five Things You Must Do When Coming Back From Break!

After not thinking about school for two weeks it can be difficult to jump back into teaching. But it can be even harder for the students with all night gaming, no set rule, hanging out with family members, or just doing nothing (as some of my kiddos put it). So there are some things that must be done before getting back into the old grind.

Here are five things that I felt I must do in order to ensure we can use our learning time efficiently. Some of these were to fix issues from last semester, however I think it could be beneficial to anyone.

Five things you must do when coming back from break

1. Review and reteach expectations

2. Practice speaking and listening activities

3. Talk about goals for the rest of the year

4. Share about your break

5. Review some things learned from last semester (concepts and/or behaviors)

You can make these activities fun and interesting for your kiddos by making games, centers, or challenges.

What are some fun activities you do when you return from break?


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