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Flocabulary learning through music

I said I would elaborate more on my favorite websites for teaching, well has been my favorite for years.  It has only gotten better.  I teach ELAR and Social Studies and it has me covered with all my subjects.  And it is so funny when I pull my kids for small groups and they start rapping the songs to me saying we learned something.  🙂   They are continually adding new skills in reading and covers all the way up to high school so if you need a hook, brain break, or use it to teach a lesson you are covered.  I have used it in my lessons and the vocabulary as my word study during my literacy block.  I use the grammar videos to help enhance the lessons I have already taught and use the activities as guided or independent practice. Try a free trial for 45 days!



The Life of a Teacher!

I started my teacher blog last summer and vowed to keep it going when school started.  Well here it is 5 months later and I am just now getting back with it.  However, I do not return empty handed.  I have some more post coming up as well as some lessons I have done with my class that I will share with everyone.  Also,  I am calling on all my followers and friends to share teaching strategies and ideas….Stay tuned more to come!

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