Take the hassle out of keeping up with missing assignments!

Missing assignments are always a hassle to deal with as a teacher. No matter what systems you have in place it seems unavoidable. Especially when scholars are failing due to lack of work being turned in. So what do you do?

First I use a grade sheet that I code to let me know who is missing assignments, it helps me know who has turned it in late or incomplete. I can also designate what is homework, class work, or an assessment. I keep this in a binder. I know that everything is digital nowadays but it helps when I can just grab and note while grading and I can tell immediately who hasn’t turned it in without getting on the computer.

I also utilize a missing assignment sheet I usually send this home if the scholars are missing more than two assignments and it has to be signed by a parent. I list which assignments are missing and that they have 3 days to turn in or it’s a zero. (Helpful hint) I always make copies before I send it home just in case it’s not returned so I can have documentation, as well I send messages through Class Dojo to let parents know that it’s coming. This has been extremely helpful for managing and organizing this process for me and my class. It is also helpful when we have to show documentation of parent contact. (especially when returned with a signature)

You can get this missing assignment system by clicking on this link or the picture below.

Helping scholars be accountable is also a key component to keeping organized with assignments, I have a missing assignments log book that scholars have to fill out to explain why they did not complete the assignment to turn in. Each scholar gets their own log that they fill out. This is especially helpful during parent conferences (documentation). As well as a strike out form that they fill out and return. It gives them a chance to get the work turned in before parents are contacted.

This has been a game changer for me and extremely helpful for documentation purposes when scholars are failing. The failure notice definitely gets there attention. Unfortunately when scholars get into the upper grades parents hope to give a little more independence to their children however communication starts to break down because scholars will not let them know that they are struggling with keeping up with work.

Gets parent attention

This is how I handle missing assignments how do you, I would love to hear other ideas.


Published by upperelementaryantics

Elementary Teacher for 15 years, I have taught in all content areas in various grades 4-6, and currently teach 5th grade ELAR/Social Studies, I am looking forward to sharing ideas, tips, and resources.

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