11 Mistakes New Teachers make with Classroom Management

Last year our school worked with Teach across America ( I think that is what it is called, I am so bad with names) where student-teachers worked with seasoned teachers for a year and are now going into their own classrooms.  Well as one of our student teachers was hired and went to another schoolContinue reading “11 Mistakes New Teachers make with Classroom Management”

Why I changed How I do my Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom

  Well everyone the struggle is real! What struggle, you say the reading struggle.  I have taught every subject in upper elementary and when a student struggles, no matter what subject, it all comes down to reading comprehension. And after working with classes full of struggling readers, yes whole classes, I was able to understandContinue reading “Why I changed How I do my Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom”

Strategies for Struggling Readers

  How to help struggling readers in upper elementary?  By the time students get into the upper elementary grades they are expected to be able to read and comprehend at a certain level.  In most states they are even expected to take and pass a state test. So what do you do when they areContinue reading “Strategies for Struggling Readers”

Nine classroom management tips to start your year off right

Classroom management is the key to being a great teacher and having a great school year.  If you don’t have great classroom management your year will be horrible.  And you will wonder why you chose this job and why the kids don’t like you…lol, but you have to remember how to start your school yearContinue reading “Nine classroom management tips to start your year off right”