Five proven tips you need to know for effective teaching

  When thinking about things to share as a teacher, I thought about topics of discussion between teachers at the beginning of the school year.  We all worry about being effective.  So, how do you know if you are an effective teacher?  For me I gauge my effectiveness by how much my students have grownContinue reading “Five proven tips you need to know for effective teaching”

Eight websites that changed my teaching!

As a teacher you always want to find new ways to improve your student engagement and make learning fun and enjoyable.  Although I have been teaching going on eleven years, I know I have to keep up with the times to keep the students attention.  So I comprised a list of eight websites that changedContinue reading “Eight websites that changed my teaching!”

Five Ways to Get Summer Renewal for Teachers

Blog Well it’s halfway through the summer and back to school time is quickly approaching.  So what have you done for your summer renewal?  Every year I have a list of goals and things I want to do on my summer time off.  However, I never complete my list, so this year I shortened myContinue reading “Five Ways to Get Summer Renewal for Teachers”