An exciting new way to build relationships with your students with this back to school project

With this push for college and career readiness in our school systems I kept trying to figure out how to get my inner city students excited about their future. So I created this project which is a new take on “what do you want to be when you grow up”. I made into a research project for my students so their could understand what it takes to reach their goals or career path.

So you’re probably saying how does this help me build relationships. Well once my students turned in their projects they also had to present them and I put them in the lobby of the school so everyone could see. They were quite spectacular I was quite proud. But I would reference these projects throughout the year whenever things got hard and they wanted to give up. I would also find inspiration from those careers to keep them focused. Here are some examples

You can grab this project from my store with everything you need to start your year off right. All you have to do is copy and assign, a rubric is also included for easy grading.

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