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I just finished my 10th year of teaching and am now preparing for my 11th year.  Every year I complete in teaching I always make a goal to be more prepared and organized for the next year.  However relaxation mode sets in and I only do half the things I set out to do.  This year I vow to reach my goals!  At least improve my stats to 75% …lol.

Well let me introduce myself my name is Angela and presently I teach 5th grade ELAR/Soc. Studies in Dallas, Texas.  I went through an alternative certification program because I knew teaching was my calling and went from the business world to the education world. It has been an adventure every sense.  I took a 30 day course and found a job as a self-contained 5th grade teacher.  My principal gave me the standards I needed to teach (for five subjects), and I was told that they had three state test and I had to get the students ready for it. (Wow!)   Of course I freaked out, but I was not deterred plus I had an aunt who had been a teacher for years (lucky me).  Needless to say, after looking up everything I could on how to teach my subjects and sneaking into veterans teachers classrooms and stealing some ideas, I had the highest scores in the school, won rookie of the year for my district, and was asked to tutor all the students who needed to take the test again.  I knew this was the best decision I have ever made.

Yet through the ten years I have been teaching nothing stays the same things are constantly changing and I am constantly learning and improving on my teaching.  So I wanted to share out my experiences and connect with others to continue growing and learning as a teacher.  I have learned so much from other teacher’s blogs, pinterest,, and the vast amount of information out in the teaching community that I felt I had to be a part of it!

I will share some of the things I have learned from teaching and from my students.  I don’t know about you but they are always teaching me something and hope to hear back from some of my com padres on some things you’ve learned as teachers as well.


Published by upperelementaryantics

Elementary Teacher for 15 years, I have taught in all content areas in various grades 4-6, and currently teach 5th grade ELAR/Social Studies, I am looking forward to sharing ideas, tips, and resources.

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